MSP Design Group has been proudly providing Viking Yachts with quality garments since 1988.  We can customize a current Viking design for your specific boat, or create a design from scratch that celebrates your boat, business or event.  From Marinas to tournaments to charter operations, we have got you covered!  To customize for your Yacht, please follow the steps below or simply give us a call at 757-651-4890.

Step 1

Contact or 757-651-4890 and let us know what style, color and quantities of garments you want.    We will assist you in choosing colors, styles and size breakdowns.  Let us know what type of design interests you.

Step 2

Let MSP Design Group's Art Department know what you would like in the design.  Want a design featuring a Blue Marlin for your charters?  No problem!  Need a design for a Striper Tournament?  Tell us when and where.  We will work up a design and send it to you via e-mail for approval.

Step 3

We will need a high quality photo of your boat.  Make sure to send us the largest original shot you have.  There are tips in the Photo Tips below.  We can also use digital files for your logo or transom art.


The following information may get a little too technical but we want to make it available.  If you start to get overwhelmed, please contact us for assistance.

Vector Files – Preferred for typography and logo graphics.  Please make sure you or your designer convert all text to paths before sending us the files.  It is also handy to know the name of the font(s) used and any specific PMS colors for your logos.

Photographic (bitmap) Files – Adobe Photoshop and the like are the best for photographs, paintings, scans or digitally created artwork.  Please send us the original versions.  We cannot use artwork in Word or Excel formats.  If working in other non-Adobe software, saver your files in one of the formats below, making sure to convert all type to paths or shapes if appropriate. 

Acceptable File Types:

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) – CS6 or earlier
PDF (.pdf)
EPS (.eps)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)



While we can stylize an image of your boat in any number of ways, we can’t render what we can’t see.  We will need a high photo of your boat.  The better the photo, the better it will look in the design.  Most phones these days can produce a good enough photo for us to use.  We want original photos, so please do not resize.  Try to get a shot on a sunny day with good lighting and from an interesting angle.  It is also useful to have a shot of the transom from directly behind the boat. 

If you don’t have a picture and cannot get one, let us know the model, length and hull color of your boat and we will attempt to find a photo to match yours.  This is a much more difficult process.  If you are interested in one of our graphic profile drawing approaches, we may be able to get the engineering drawing from Viking.  With some photos of your boat from the side, these can be customized.  If you need shirts or hats for an event, we will need the name and logos for the event and for any sponsors you wish listed.